SCALGO Live Interface

UI Design

Project date: Fall 2013

Danish company SCALGO (Scalable Algorithmics) commissioned me to design this robust online application using similar visuals as their print and online brands I created. SCALGO Live gives customers access to real-time terrain data and advanced analysis products for use in assessing and monitoring flood risk. Users can simulate flooding scenarios involving natural or man-made terrain changes, and combine these estimations with weather forecasting data to create early warning predictions.


Base Map

The interface uses SCALGO's brand colors along with custom icons for their various application tools. The menu can close to the left allowing a full-width display, and the map view options at the top are always accessible. This screen shows the flow accumulation network based on a global terrain model.

SCALGO Live Download tool

Download Tool

Showing the view when logged in of one of the tool submenus for downloading the map data. Users can select a square or custom polygon shape and select from a wide array of file types.

SCALGO Live Wireframe

Initial sketch of the interface layout along with notes on user interactions.

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